Tarot workshops
Introduction to the Tarot.
Suitable for beginners and those just curious about the cards.


1. A brief history & introduction to the various uses of the Tarot.


2. An overview of the Major Arcana.  Symbolism in the Rider Waite Deck.  A group exercise.


3. The Fool's Journey, the Tarot as an Hermetic picture book.

4. The Magic of Numbers. An easy way to learn the Tarot cards. 

5. How to use the Tarot cards for self-development &  personal transformation.

6 A group exercise.

The Art of Tarot Reading.
Suitable for those familiar with the cards.

1. The Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana. A fresh approach to the deck.


2. The Court Cards - a discussion.

3. The Minor Arcana - a Tarot Quiz,

4. Reading techniques. Tips on spreads and doing good readings.

5. Seven 'real-life sample spreads for you to practise your reading skills.

6. A group exercise.