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New dates coming soon.

Tarot Group Workshops 

'The Tarot Trumps can be read like a treatise in spiritual alchemy.'

Gareth Knight  Tarot Magic: The Treasure House of Images

Come and join us and find out how. Inspirational and transforming workshops. Emphasis on overviews of the Tarot deck. How to learn and use the cards for self-development and readings.

Workshop 1. Introduction to the Tarot. 

Workshop 2. The Art of Tarot reading.

Sundays 11am - 6pm.

Introduction to the Tarot.
Suitable for beginners and those just curious about the cards.


1. A brief history & introduction to the various uses of the Tarot.


2. An overview of the Major Arcana.  Symbolism in the Rider Waite Deck.  A group exercise.


3. The Fool's Journey, the Tarot as a Hermetic picture book.

4. The Magic of Numbers. An easy way to learn the Tarot cards. 

5. How to use the Tarot cards for self-development &  personal transformation.

6 A group exercise.

The Art of Tarot Reading. 
Suitable for those familiar with the cards.

1. The Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana. A fresh approach to the deck.


2. The Court Cards - a discussion.

3. The Minor Arcana - a Tarot Quiz,

4. Reading techniques. Tips on spreads and doing good readings.

5. Seven 'real-life sample spreads for you to practise your reading skills.

6. A group exercise.

" Thank you so much for a most enjoyable and creative Tarot workshop.  I am amazed  at how much we learnt 

in such a short time." Regine      


"Many thanks for such a wonderful

learning opportunity."  Jeanette


Brilliantly presented, the best workshop

I've ever attended." Jane

Well organised teaching sessions, innovative approach.

Entertaining short talks, PowerPoint presentations and informative handouts. 

Interactive group exercises, discussion and plenty of practise in class and for homework.

Small groups, maximum 8 people. 

Cost £65 per workshop. 


Concessions negotiable. Snacks, cakes and refreshments included.

Venue-  a spacious teaching room in a beautiful house in Muswell Hill, North London.

Easy transport links and no parking restrictions. 

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