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Course creator Karina


​Qualified teacher and experienced counsellor. I worked full-time in education for over thirty years. I ran a large, London-wide agency, London Home Tutors, which supplied schools, social services and families with qualified and experienced teachers.

In 2016 I retired to concentrate on lifelong interests in Ageless Wisdom and the art of divination.

I have forty years of experience consulting The I Ching, Yijing or Book of Changes on all manner of questions: business, property, legal issues, people and cats.  A record was kept of the readings, so there is plenty of informative and entertaining teaching material to share with those interested in this Ancient Book of Wisdom and advice. 

Until the pandemic, I ran successful and well-attended small group workshops.  The I Ching workshop has now metamorphosed into a six-part audio/video course online. The Tarot groups will resume at some point.

Have studied and practised Astrology since the 1970s. Particular interest in Medical Astrology and occasionally contribute to the Astrological Association's Medical Astrology Magazine.


Extensive and in-depth knowledge of Alternative Medicine, experienced naturopath and herbalist.

​Great interest in the Tarot as a mirror of the mind and a tool for self-development.  I have taught Tarot workshops for fifteen years and have decades of reading experience.

Course creator Karina

​Member of the Theosophical Society since 1995 and hold both the Diploma and Higher Diploma in Theosophy.

I live a holistic life and share a handsome Edwardian house in Muswell Hill, North London, with visiting academics and two cats.

Karina Halstead BA PGCE MSc PhD

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