I Ching Workshops 
1. The History of The I Ching and its profound influence on China.


2. The philosophy of The I Ching, DNA, Binary Code & the process of change.  Fate, free will and the path of the Superior man.


3The 64 Hexagrams - order and patterns.


4. Internal structure of Hexagrams.


5. The Hexagram names. The moving lines.  An overview of unfavourable Hexagrams.

6. A preliminary exercise in reading Hexagrams.


7. How to word questions.  How to ask questions and interpret answers.

8.  'Conversations with The I Ching'. Entertaining readings from a life with The I Ching. 

9. Exercises in interpretation.

10. Book review of editions of

The I Ching. Group discussion.

Questions & Answers on: business, legal matters, property, health, people and cats.

Suitable for beginners with some prior knowledge & those who have tried consulting the I Ching and got confused. Plenty of interesting material for experienced readers too.

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