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You are one step closer to enriching and transforming your life. 

Discover how to use these Tools of Ancient Wisdom.

1. The Yijing, I Ching, or Book of Changes

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 This life-changing six-part course is now online. 

  • Learn how to consult the Yijing & interpret the answers.​

  • Personal guidance for those hard to make decisions.

2. Tarot Group Workshops

'The Tarot Trumps can be read like a treatise in spiritual alchemy.'  Tarot Magic: The Treasure House of Images Gareth Knight

Waite Tarot Cards on a table.
  • Come and join us and find out how.

  • Inspirational and transforming workshops.

  • Emphasis on overviews of the Tarot deck.

  • How to learn and use the cards for self-development and readings.

New dates coming soon.

3. Astrology Readings - All Manner of Questions

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